Agile Process

Agile Awareness Training

The Agile Awareness training is delivered in a single day and consists of two parts. It comprehends theory, but most of all practice. Case studies, exercises and discussions with other professionals are at the heart of this course. The first part of the course consists of the philosophy behind Agile, roles between Business and IT and exploration of Agile methods like Scrum. 

Scrum Master

This training intends to develop current and aspiring scrum master on how to coach the team members in self-management and cross-functionality, Focus on creating high-value Increments that meet the Definition of Done, Influence the removal of impediments to the Scrum Team’s progress and ensure that all Scrum events take place and are positive, productive, and kept within the timebox.

Product Owner

This training intends to develop current and aspiring Product Owner’ on scrum methodologies, as any person who is part of the business or key user team. The training include how to use an incremental approach to software development, roles and responsibilities of the Product Owner, what features would be a part of the product release etc.

SAFe Scrum Master (Affiliated)

This course is to understand the roles and responsibilities of SAFe Scrum Masters. How they help educate the team in Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Kanban, and SAFe, ensuring that the agreed Agile process is followed. And how they remove impediments and foster an environment for high-performing team dynamics, continuous flow, and relentless improvement.

SAFe Agilist (Affiliated)

This course is for agile leader or manager to help him/her understand the five competencies of the lean Enterprise, become a lean thinking managerteacher, how to apply the values and Principles of a Lean Agile-Mindset, apply SAFe’s Lean and Agile principles to the role and the practices of SAFe. It will also help establish team and Technical Agility, lead the transformation with SAFe Implementation roadmap, support PI Planning and the event associated with successful program execution.

SAFe RTE (Affiliated)

This training focusses on current or aspiring Release Train Engineer (RTE) in SAFe organizations, who are responsible for ensuring that the agile release train (the team of agile teams) work well together and follow the SAFe processes. Release Train Engineer (RTE) is a coach and servant leader for the Agile Release Train (ART). The training will help RTE to facilitate the ART processes and events, assisting the teams in delivering value, etc. Training will also include how to effectively communicate with the stakeholders, help in managing risks, drive persistent improvement and escalate impediments .