PM Resources

PM Mentoring/Coaching

Are you project manager or leader, who is flooded with significantly complex project work and needs guidance on how to manage multiple programs concurrently? We have project management experts in waterfall and agile domain with wide range of experiences to help mentor you and advice you on next steps. Our consultants will understand your requirements and provide guidance on how to navigate through project work, regular governance, project metrics, establishing project culture etc.  

Project Manager

Do you need project management expertise or someone who can take lead on your projects because your team is busy? We have found that for all types of projects, certain project management activities and tools are similar and our project manager is expert in those common processes and tools. With little guidance on your company specific knowledge sharing, this individual can take charge and support you. The role of executive sponsor from your organization will be key in ensuring success of this working model.

Project Planner

Project planner is someone who has expertise in facilitating project planning sessions. This individual worked in multiple projects and domains, so he/she will be able to work with cross-functional team, understand their work packages and create project plan (work breakdown structure, activities, duration, dependencies, responsible person name etc) within few days, from start to end for large scale project (duration 3 months to 5 years). This individual will be using various tools like sticky note, value stream wall, meeting rooms, microsoft project (MSP) or Primavera tools etc. The engagement of this individual will end once project plan has been established (after plan agreement including schedule compression) and team starts following the plan.

Project Scheduler

Project scheduler will create relatively simple plans, his key role is to keep project plan regularly updated in microsoft project (MSP) or primavera tool, along with whole project team. He will host plan update meetings and publish project metrics. This individual will be having regular repeat processes week over week to ensure plan is credible and updated, which can be leveraged by leadership team to commit dates, plan employee workload and resource requirements, identify critical path, escalate delays etc. The project plan will clearly indicate vital few activities to be focussed for on-time completion of project in MSP or Primavera tool.  

Scrum Master

Scrum master is an experienced individual to manage scrum ceremonies like backlog grooming, daily stand-up, retrospective session, Sprint demo sessions etc. He/she knows how to work with agile teams, product owner, Business Analyst and Stakeholders. This individual will also know the agile tools like Jira, Rally, Azure DevOPS etc so that he/she create user stories, features, epic etc and regularly updates the status.