1Is there a trial period when I can cancel my online course and receive a 100% refund?

Yes. Within 7 days of purchasing your course, if you are not completely satisfied, you may request a 100% refund through our Contact Us area. Fill in your request along with a reason why and one of our associates will notify you of the reimbursement. When payment is made via credit card, a refund can only be issued to the credit card used to make the payment.

2Can I complete an online training course if I dont have a problem/project identified?

Yes. The training courses are designed to be completed independent of a real world business improvement problem/project.

3Are there any prerequisite training or certifications needed to begin courses?

No. There are no prerequisites to begin any of our training courses, each one is a complete program that includes all the lessons and tools you will need to become proficient in that particular skillset.

4Do I need a high speed internet connection?

Yes. A high speed internet connection is required for optimal performance.

5How do I know Darshalaya certifications will be recognized in the industry I work in?

All of Darshalaya materials were developed and certified by project management experts. We have been working in PM related roles and industries for 15+ years and our collective experience and reputation are exceptional. As project management is not controlled or administered by a single governing body, our certifications will be recognized in all industries.

6What payment methods do you have available?

  • We accept payment through your credit or debit card, bank account or UPI or Google Pay. 
  • A check in Indian currency can be sent to the address below. All you need to do is identify the training program you are enrolling in and your name. 
  • We also offer invoicing for customers who will be purchasing a program through a corporation. Please contact us for questions on this method of payment.

7Can repeat training be allowed

Yes, we have policy of repeat training within one month from the day 1st training was completed.

8What is Privacy Policy of Darshalaya Solutions?

  1. We’ll use your information to process your request for information.
  2. We’ll use your information to contact you about our services and products.
  3. We’ll use your information to contact you about our events.
  4. We’ll use your information to register you to receive our newsletters.